Introduction to Apache Tomcat for Dummies


Apache Tomcat is basically an open source [tooltip text=”A web server application is one that delivers content and service over the Internet.” trigger=”hover”]web server application[/tooltip] that executes Java servlets and renders web pages containing Java Server Page coding, thus providing a ‘purely Java’ environment for Java code to run. In simpler words, if you are using applications developed on top of Java technologies (JSP, Servlet) then Apache Tomcat is best choice for it.

Following are some of the key points that you should know about Apache Tomcat server…

  • Apache Tomcat was previously called as Jakarta Tomcat
  • Apache Tomcat is composed of components like Catalina, Jasper JSP and Coyote
  • Apache Tomcat server is available in both Binary and open-source versions
  • Apache Tomcat server requires Java Runtime environment (JRE) as a prerequisite
  • Apache Tomcat server can be used as a standalone product or can be integrated with other web servers like Microsoft IIS, Netscape Server and Apache HTTP server

Difference between Apache HTTP and Apache Tomcat:

Apache is the name of organization that developed both Apache HTTP and Apache Tomcat. Even though these are two different tools but in real time scenarios they are often used together as they compliment each other. Following are some key points that differentiate them from each other.

Apache HTTPApache Tomcat
Apache HTTP is primarily a web server written in CApache Tomcat is primarily a servlet and JSP container based on Java
Apache HTTP server is good for serving static content but it can also serve dynamic content if used with add-onsApache Tomcat is good for hosting servlets and JSPs but it can also host static content (though it is not preferable)
Apache HTTP is used mostly where we have to run PHP, Perl application and CGI scriptsApache Tomcat is used where we have to run servlets and JSPs (as they are not supported by Apache HTTP)

Benefits of Apache Tomcat from Testing perspective:

As Tomcat can be used as a standalone PC application, therefore it can be really helpful in testing tasks where we can turn local machine into a server by Tomcat and execute any testing task.

You can find further instructions to download, install and configure Tomcat on Tomcat official page. Do try it and share your experience and feedback with us!

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